Show Recap: May 30, 2018 (The Jump Finals Preview Special from May 29)


Note: This a recap of today’s show as it aired, not the 2-hour show from yesterday, which is why Kevin Arnovitz and other topics were not featured.


First Half:Panel.JPG

Second Half:Panel 2.JPG

First Half


–Warriors better or worse than last year?Capture.JPG
–Give LeBron a puncher’s chance vs Warriors?IMG_8041.JPG

May 29, 1997 – John Stockton with the game-winning buzzer-beating three to send the Utah Jazz to their first ever NBA Finals!

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Video essay by Brian Windhorst – LeBron continues to spoil Finals dreams

Topics (Cont’d):

–LeBron being underdog in 7 of 9 Finals trips help or hurt legacy?IMG_8042.JPG
–How does this Finals impact LeBron’s free agency?

Second Half

Jump Ball (NBA Finals Edition):

Jump Ball.JPG

–More likely to win Finals MVP: LeBron or Steph?

Amin: Stephen Curry

Byron: Stephen Curry

Tracy: LeBron James

–Bigger potential loss: Kevin Love or Andre Iguodala?

Tracy: Kevin Love

Byron: Kevin Love/Andre Iguodala

Amin: Kevin Love

–Who should be more worried about turnovers: Cavs or Warriors?

Tracy: Cavs

Byron: Cavs

Amin: Warriors

–Over/Under .5 Klay Thompson scoring outbursts in Finals?

Amin: Needs 1 game

Byron: None

Tracy: Needs 1 game

Can the King trust his guys?Animated GIF-downsized_large.gif

–Can LeBron trust Kevin Love in Finals (If healthy)?
–Can LeBron trust Tristan Thompson in Finals?
–Can LeBron trust Kyle Korver in the Finals?
–Can LeBron trust George Hill in the Finals?
–Can LeBron trust J.R. Smith in the Finals?


25 reasons why Cavs-Warriors is most enjoyable rivalry in sports


–Most likely to Drop 50?

Byron and Tracy: LeBron James

–Most likely to get ejected?

Byron and Tracy: Draymond Green

–More likely unexpected hero: JR or Swaggy?

Byron: J.R. Smith

Tracy: Jordan Bell (Chose neither of the choices and took another route)

–Most likely to win best dressed?

Byron: Cleveland

Tracy: Kyle Korver

–Most likely to catch a dunkface?

Tracy: Draymond Green

Byron: Tristan Thompson

–More likely: Sweep or 6 games?

Tracy and Byron: Sweep